Innovation in grouting


Check out this incredible product -

An adhesive and grout in one ! 

Will not stain and does not need sealing

EASY to use

  • Easy to clean even when used on industrial floorings with tiles that have a rough, non-slip surface (like R12 or R13).
  • Luminous and Glossy
  • Metallic-effect and bright colours. It creates uniform colours and avoids problems of efflorescence and uneven colouring
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Stain-resistant and water repellent
  • Prevents the proliferation of fungus and moulds
  • Excellent resistance to acids and chemical substances
  • High mechanical strength and abrasion resistance


Suitable for acid-resistant installation and grouting of floor and wall tiles and mosaic in interiors and exteriors with grout joints between 2 and 10 mm wide, such as:
• Floor and wall tiles in general
• Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms and showers
• Underfloor heating
• Kitchen countertops
• Terraces and balconies

Suitable for applications where surfaces are exposed to aggressive chemical substances (see chemical resistance table) such as dairies, abattoirs, hotels, factories, restaurants, airports,  kitchen areas and the like. Also recommended for grouting swimming pools and tanks containing thermal or brackish water.

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