Tile Surfaces

Welcome to our tile surface collection


Explore our awesome collection of porcelain tiles.
We are proud to offer you a large selection of A grade porcelain tiles sourced from the best manufacturers around the world.

Porcelain tiles are made from high quality refined clay and fired at high temperature. They are extremely hard wearing, are usually frost proof due to their low porosity and have incredible flexural strength.


Select from our collection of ceramic floor, wall and feature tiles.

Thousands of years of skills and tradition have created this exemplary product.

Ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clays which have been fired at a high temperature to give the tile its durability and hardness.  The tile is often glazed or left unglazed depending on their intended use.

The purity of the clay, the number of firings and the temperature of the kiln determine the quality and subsequent price.

Kiln temperatures vary from about 900° F to 2500° F. Lower quality clays and firing temperatures produce a more porous tile and softer glaze, higher quality clays and firing temperatures produce dense, nonporous tile, harder glaze and more consistent calibrations.


Our Natural stone collection will excite the most discerning.

If you are looking for a touch of nature each piece unique and telling it's own story of history then stone is your choice. 

Volcanic and sedimented stone sourced from around the world, crafted into tile perfect for the project that deserves the authenticity and timeless nature of stone.


Our glass collection is simply the best.

Inspirational colours of glass and our fabulous mixes of glass and stone will help you create any design you have in mind or we can help  you with designs and ideas unique to you!

Glass tiles have become very popular for surface areas and design feature areas.

This trend can be attributed to recent technological breakthroughs, as well as the inherent properties of glass, in particular their resistance to water,  potential to impart intense color and their ability to reflect light.


Our beautiful collection captures the traditional essence of the rustic terracotta tile.

Available in 4 natural, earthy colours each enhancing that feel of the Mediterranean.

Manufactured from natural clay, fired and usually pre-sealed our teracotta tiles are suitable for interior and exterior use.